Savisto Metal RFID Signal Blocking 6 Card Wallet, Silver

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  • Pocket-friendly, anti-theft RFID-blocking wallet from Savisto: A sleek, stainless steel hard case that acts as a Faraday cage; effectively preventing contactless bank cards from being covertly scanned by criminals.
  • Helps prevent theft, fraud, data loss, and privacy breaches: From credit and debit cards through to work ID key cards; RFID tags are an inbuilt data transmission feature in many types of card. Armed with a scanner, thieves can access this information. However, these Savisto cases provide a protective security barrier to stop the RFID chip signal from being picked up.
  • The best way to stay safe and organised: These steel wallets open up to reveal a concertina/accordion arrangement, featuring six individual sleeves for your cards.
  • Ideal as a travel wallet: A small, tough, ultra-thin unit fits neatly into your pocket and avoids unnecessary bulk in your bag. A secure metal clasp stops the wallet from accidental opening in transit.
  • Supplied in a smart gift box: A brushed metallic / silver finish means this wallet ticks all the right boxes on the luxury front. It’s also engraveable for an extra personal touch. Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.7 x 1.3 cm. Boxed Weight: 120g.
Keep your data safe with this signal blocking wallet from Savisto; one of the smartest ways to block intrusion and keep your identity and financial details safe. By shielding your cards in this stainless steel shell, you get an effective barrier against RFID transmissions to stop fraudulent scanning and cloning of your data.

Featuring a sturdy metal build, this lightweight, minimalist-style box features six individual card slots. It offers the cardholder a thinner, smarter and stylish alternative to a bulky purse or large bag for carrying your essentials - from your bus or Oyster pass and bank cards to your driving license.

Protect Yourself and Your Family
For business and personal use, in areas such as contactless payment and keyless entry, RFID (radio frequency identification) and NFC (near field communications) technology is here to stay. Cards which use RFID feature a signal tag capable of being read by an electronic reader for quick transactions and keyless entry.

There is a downside, however. In the UK and elsewhere, without a blocker present, criminals with access to a reader and encryption tool can read a card, extract the information, take control of your personal data - and even skim your bank account.

These Savisto hardcase protectors put a barrier between your cards and any card & permit readers out there. It stops criminals in their tracks - offering you just what’s needed to keep your data shielded and secure.

Premium Slimline Design

Looking to buy a new wallet or quality card pouch replacement? Alongside its strong data protection credentials, this hard case is an attractive item in its own right. Supplied in a gift box and boasting a cool brushed-metal finish, it deserves a place at the top of the birthday, Christmas Mother’s or Father’s Day gift list - especially for anyone who takes security seriously!