Savisto Memory Foam Travel Pillows

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  • The Savisto travel cushion holds your head upright and maintains proper neck alignment, allowing you to sleep comfortably whilst travelling.
  • The cushion is made out of memory foam, a material sensitive to pressure and heat. It moulds to the shape of the individual, distributing body weight evenly and providing tailored comfort.
  • The neck support pillow is suitable to use during all forms of travel; including on a plane or train, or in a car or bus.
  • The memory foam pillow can be attached to your hand luggage or bag, enabling you to transport it easily.
  • The micro-velvet cover of the travelling cushion provides a soft surface for sleeping, without compromising on build quality or durability.

 Savisto Premium Quality Travel Pillow

Everybody looks forward to going on holiday, but the travelling is another story. Long haul flights on uncomfortable airplanes or noisy trains can leave you feeling tired and aching. The Savisto Premium Quality Travel Pillow is here to help make your journeys, no matter how long or short, more comfortable.

 Ideal for both Travel and Home use

Coming in grey, black or blue, the small and lightweight construction of the pillow makes it perfect for use on the go. Simply attach the memory foam cushion to your luggage using the elastic strap – saving valuable packing space. Once you’re ready to use the pillow, simply detach and place behind neck. The u shape of pillow and responsive memory foam filling provides your head, neck and shoulder with both comfort and support and the ear plugs that are included mean that you can enjoy a noise-free journey to your destination.  Not only for use during travel the curved pillow and pliable inner core is ergonomically designed to mould to your neck and help maintain correct neck alignment in any situation – even if you’re just sitting in the armchair at home or enjoying a good book.

Comfort and Support

As the memory foam responds to the heat and your body it will mould to support and reduce pressure on your neck, while the removable, plush cover provides a luxurious feel against the skin and cradles the face. Because of its orthopaedic structure, the Savisto Travel Pillow is great for those with arthritis in the neck or shoulder as it can provide long-lasting comfort and support. The small size of the pillow means that it is suitable for both adults and children. Unlike other travel pillows, the Savisto Travel Pillow has a removable, washable cover, allowing for easy cleaning and longevity. Also, as the pillow is filled with memory foam rather than microbeads it will retain its shape longer even in a child’s hands or after long periods of use!